Power Flush Herbal Detox Capsules

Pass My Drug Test Australia stock only the best range of herbal detox capsules designed to permanently or temporarily flush your thc or other toxin levels below the Australian testing standard cutoff. Our range of powerful natural detox capsules includes Stat Flush Cleansing Capsules, Magnum Detox Clean Start 7 day permanent cleansing capsules, Vale Perma Clean 14 Day

For regular smokers with very high toxicity we recommend combining herbal capsules with dilution drinks such as the Ultra Mask or Magnum Detox Instant Flush. For our extremely high toxicity customers (regular smokers over long periods of time), for your peace of mind we are also proud to stock our very own proprietary one week, two week and four week detox programs which not only include the most appropriate products to use prior to and on the day of your test, but also includes a comprehensive guide on lifestyle choices to guarantee you pass.