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Pass My Drug Test Australia has set the standard in the field since 2012. As the leading provider of drug test solutions to Australia, Pass My Drug Test Australia is dedicated to providing reliable products for passing your upcoming drug test. Our product lines include 'same day' solutions as well as permanent programs which have been developed for over a decade. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and strive to provide fast shipping, premium products and a commitment to customer service. Our site is secure with our store's shopping cart utilising 128-bit SSL certificate's to keep your information secure – the same level of encryption used by large banks around the world. All products on the site are shipped with Express Post so you don't need to worry about prolonged delivery times.

We stock highly regarded products such as the Ultra Mask/B-Clear range, Stat Flush, Synthetic Urine and Monkey Dong urinators. We stand behind our products working with you to pass your drug test. Click the links above to browse the products you may be interested in and feel free to try out our THC detection calculator above which offers free advice on passing your test. Our Calculator's algorithm has been written based on real lab results from actual cannabis users. It will take into account your gender, age, weight, metabolism and frequency of use. There is no question that Pass My Drug Test is the obvious choice when buying premium products in Australia to PASS YOUR DRUG TEST.

Products on this site are intended for personal use only. Pass My Drug Test Australia does not endorse any unlawful or misleading activity for personal gain when using these products.