One Week Detox Program



The Pass My Drug Test One Week Cleanse Program is perfect for those who have recently consumed toxins and are expecting to complete a drug test in approximately one week. This product will allow you to completely detox and pass any urine, blood and saliva drug test after only 7 days. This package has been designed locally by the Pass My Drug Test team, and only contains the best detox products to ensure a passing result. This is not a mask and it is completely undetectable! However products to clear your urine on the day of your test are also included for peace of mind. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If unsure whether this product is for you, visit our THC detection calculator to give you an idea of your THC toxicity levels and our recommended products suited to your unique situation.

Watch this video to learn more about the One Week Detox Program

Included Products:

  • Ultra Klean Power Flush Permanent Detox Capsules
  • 2 x test strip (dependent on which toxin you wish to clear – please select above)
  • Detox Drink for day of test (select your flavour during checkout)
  • Stat! Flush capsules for day of test 
  • 2 x Aspirin tablets for day of test
  • One week supply of Green Matcha Tea
  • 3 day supply of Creatine
  • Comprehensive user manual providing valuable information on how to use the products effectively and lifestyle changes you can implement to be sure that you completely rid your body of toxins 

By combining the products in the Pass My Drug Test One Week Cleanse Program not only do you save $100 on all these products combined, but by following instructions carefully you can sleep easy knowing that your future is in good hands.


  • Hydrate and urinate as often as possible. This is an important step in the cleansing process.
  • Follow all dietary and exercise advice.
  • Avoid all unwanted toxins for at least the entirety of the program. (The longer you have abstained, the better the results)
  • The Creatine, Aspirin, Detox drinks and flush capsules need to be timed perfectly. The included instructions will state when these will need to be taken. Follow the instructions included CAREFULLY

Consult a care practitioner before consuming if on medication. Do not consume if pregnant or lactating. Please check carefully the ingredients list for any allergies you may have prior to consumption. If negative side effects of any kind are experienced, discontinue use of product immediately. Should symptoms persist, see your health professional. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.