DrugSmart Saliva Cleansing Chewing Gum

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Drugsmart Detox Chewing Gum

The packet will consist of 6 pieces of either infused dissolvable mint flavoured or similar. Six pieces comprises of three separate uses of the gum. You may also buy the 5 pack at a considerable discount. The five pack includes 30 pieces of chewing gum, enough gum for use on 15 separate occasions. This product works in a similar fashion to your saliva cleansing mouth wash products.


  • Place 2 pieces of gum in mouth
  • Chew until gum begins to reduce (approximately 90 seconds)
  • The gum will reduce to approximately 1/3 of the original size.
  • Continue to chew for a further minute.
  • At this point, the gum will be ready for use. 
  • To enhance the effect, you may drink a glass of water and swish to spread contents.
  • For best results do not consume toxins for 24-38 hours preceding testing. 
  • 99,9% success if the instructions above followed correctly. 



DO NOT under any circumstances drive or operate machinery under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this product is not designed to be used to mask illegal drug use.