Synthetic Urine Leg Strap



This Leg Strap is perfectly designed to meet the rapidly growing demands for synthetic sample holders. This is the most convenient way to keep your fake synthetic urine completely unnoticeable. No need to worry about not being able to bring your most valuable sample for testing. This great concealed strap is essential when you need to have a ready synthetic sample around conveniently and discreetly.


The product is made from high quality material called Neoprene. This will ensure the best fit always whenever you need to take your synthetic with you around. This secret synthetic strap will fit most thigh size and have such great elasticity giving you a snug fit always.


With this strap you will be confident that your synthetic or pee sample is always in its optimum condition. This is very possible with this concealed strap. It has been specifically designed to provide optimum insulation for your concealed synthetic urine bottle. Giving you peace of mind that you sample is at par with the real deal in terms of temperature and quality.