How to Beat/Cheat a Drug Test

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Is is possible to beat or cheat a drug test? The answer is Yes but the probability of beating/cheating one will come down to which method of passing you use. Urine drug tests are the most commonly administered form of Drug Tests in Australia, and there are different methods people are currently using to pass the standard drug tests: Instant and Pathology.

The three main methods explored today will be:

  1. Natural Detox
  2. Dilution
  3. Substitution

Natural Detox

Why is natural detox in a list of ways to cheat/beat a drug test? THC metabolites from Weed or Marijuana end up stored in fat cells around the body. As your body metabolizes these fat cells your body will excrete these metabolites through your urine. These metabolites are what the drug testers look for in pathology tests, and what the instant test indicators flag as positive if certain concentration of THC metabolites are present in your urine. This means if you know when your drug test is? you can life hack your way into achieving optimal THC Metabolite excretion prior to your test so that come test day - you could potentially pass the test.

Depending on the individuals habit and their metabolism, Natural Detox can sometimes be viable and sometimes not. The Pass My Drug Test Cleanse Programs incorporate the combination of both Natural Detox and Dilution to ensure our customers pass the test. Our customers are expected to Naturally Detox leading up to the test via daily supplements as well as a simple exercise program which will ensure a passing result. The calculator shown at the bottom of the article can work out if the Cleanse Programs are suitable for you.


Dilution is the process of increasing your water intake to dilute your urine. Due to the adulteration test performed on your urine, you cannot simply drink excessive water to reduce overall metabolite concentrations.

Adulteration tests test for:

  • Creatinine
  • Specific gravity
  • Nitrite
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • pH
  • Oxidants/PCC (Pyridinium Chlorochromate)
  • Colour
  • Temperature

Therefore to beat or cheat a drug test you will also need to be able to pass the adulteration test if using the dilution method.

Detox drinks such as the Ultra Mask, B clear or Magnum Detox drinks or Stat flush capsules include the correct mixture of added salts, vitamins, creatine, water volume, and riboflavin to ensure your diluted urine can pass the adulteration test.


Substitution is using a known clean sample and submitting this instead of your own urine. This could be in the form of Synthetic Urine or clean urine from another person.

Depending on the testing facility, you may need to be quite careful when pouring the clean urine into the sample pot. On some supervised tests, prosthetic urinating devices such as Monkey Dong may be required.

The Adulteration test will also check the temperature of the sample, this means you will need to ensure the sample you provide is around 36-37 degrees Celsius. This is easily achieved by using body temperature hand warmers. These can strap to your sample to ensure a sample temp of 37 degrees Celsius.

Which Method Should I choose?

Below is our THC detection calculator which will also let you know which product will be the most viable option based on your test date. The algorithm of the calculator is based off historic averages. Using a THC drug test kit will ultimately be the most accurate way of knowing on test day whether the dilution or natural detox has worked for you.