About Pass My Drug Test Australia

Pass My Drug Test was founded due to the large growth of workplace drug testing across Australia and around the world. With the boom of the mining industry, what was once a small industry (drug testing) catering to college students, athletes and part-time employees is now sweeping corporate and blue collar Aussies affecting millions of hard working Australians every year. All products on this page are not intended for employee's to mask the use of banned substances while at work. Pass My Drug Test do not condone the abuse of illicit drugs, however we do believe in freedom of privacy and personal liberties including the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes in your personal time.

As a defense to the widespread mandatory drug testing, our founders invested the time and money in research, development, and testing to create an extensive line of products and detox programs that will cleanse your body of toxins so you can pass your test and go on with your life. Your job is your livelihood and possibly the livelihood of your dependents and family as well. Do not take the risk, purchase from passmydrugtest.com.au to ensure proper detox when trying to pass any administered drug test

We have (figuratively) scoured the earth for the best available, time tested and proven detox products to help you protect your privacy. We are always here to provide support and you can depend on our reliable shipping department that fulfills and supports orders in discrete packaging for your privacy. Feel free to visit our FAQ section and visit our blog on a regular basis for the most up to date issues and information in the realm of drug testing.

We have the spent the time on research so you don’t have to. Don’t forget, if you’re unsure of what you require for your own personal set of circumstances, please use our calculator to get an idea of your toxicity levels and how we can help you detox!