Magnum Detox Total Body Cleansing

After years of experience in the detoxification industry Pass My Drug Test Australia stocks only the highest quality and most effective products to give our customers peace of mind when it comes to passing their test. Many industry experts classify Magnum Detox as the industry's best manufacturer of effective, easy to use, detox and cleansing products on the market. Pass My Drug Test is proud to deliver the Magnum Detox range to the aussie market.

With powerful solutions such as the Magnum Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash, The Magnum Detox Clean Start 7-day capsules, Magnum Detox Hair Purifying Shampoo and the Magnum Detox Instant Flush Detox Drink you can be assured that Pass My Drug Test Australia can and will help you with all of your detoxification and cleansing needs. 

Magnum Detox have developed a line of products that cleanse the various bodily systems concurrently, otherwise known as total body cleansing.  These products are a great way to clear your urinary, circulatory, and digestive systems of THC and any other unwanted metabolites. Get more out of your health, and more out of life with these great products.