Detox Products

Pass any drug test using our drug detox products. These products will help you beat your drug test for THC (Weed, Marijuana, Pot), Amphetamines, Meth, Opiates, valium, xanax, MDMA, Ectasy and many more. View our premium range of detox products, handpicked for the Australian market. Our complete range of internationally renowned products include Ultra Mask One Hour Formula, Stat Flush Cleansing Capsules, Ultra Klean 7-day PowerFlush Capsules, Magnum Detox Mouthwash and more.

Check out Pass My Drug Test Australia's very own cleansing programs, designed specifically for the aussie market. These programs will accelerate your body's natural ability to flush drug metabolites from your urine. You will still be detoxing naturally, just at a significantly faster rate! These include the fast acting One Week Cleanse Program, Two Week Cleanse Program andĀ Four Week Cleanse Program.