Magnum Detox Clean Start (7 Day Cleanse)

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Please see our One Week Cleanse Program for the ultimate one week passing solution. Always check the Detection Calculator to see if this product is right for you.

Need to permanently detox for an upcoming drug test? The Magnum Detox Clean Start 7 Day Permanent Cleanser was designed for our customers who want to detox their blood, urine, and saliva completely of toxins fast. This product will cleanse your system in only 7 days! It is part of a detox program that includes a healthy, toxin-free diet, daily permanent cleanse capsules and combining proper water intake. This product is NOT a mask! It safely removes harmful toxins from your body, leaving you clean, healthy, toxin-free, and most importantly, feeling good. This intense 7 day system will totally cleanse your body, once and for all.




You are looking at The Strongest Permanent Cleansing Kit Available for a drug test!

For those who have extremely high toxin levels and weigh more than 200 pounds, we recommend using two boxes of Magnum Detox Clean Start Capsules and doing a 14-day program. If you do not have two weeks to spare you can always turn to Pass My Drug Test's very own powerful One Week Cleanse Program to get you prepared for your test within a week.


Consult a care practitioner before consuming if on medication. Do not consume if pregnant or lactating. Please check carefully the ingredients list for any allergies you may have prior to consumption. If negative side effects of any kind are experienced, discontinue use of product immediately. Should symptoms persist, see your health professional. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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