Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine Dispenser + Quick Fix



The best synthetic urine dispensing device and synthetic urine on the planet packaged together! Buy together and save! Shipped fast every business day by express post. Don’t leave it to chance. 

Monkey Dong

The Monkey Dong is the best synthetic urine strap-on dispenser on the market that's very affordable with a price lower than any other of our competitors! You've seen all the rest, now it's time to buy the best!

What's in the box:

1 x Monkey Dong Strap-on urinating device (Choose Color Above)
4 x Heat Packs
1 x Freeze Dried packet of synthetic urine
1 x Refilling Syringe


  1. Use a belt which makes some noise while unbuckling. The easy clip valve clip make a very subtle popping sound as it is opened and closed.

Quick Fix

The Quick Fix synthetic urine is premixed laboratory urine designed to protect your privacy during a urinary drug (THC, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, pollutants) test or drugs test.

The Quick Fix is unisex so a male or female can use it to pass a drug test. To ensure passing a urinalysis, the Quick Fix contains all the ingredients normally found in urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and several other urine characteristics.

The Quick Fix bottle comes with an attached temperature strip and heating pad to ensure the sample is at body temperature. The Quick Fix contains 60mL of synthetic urine batch 6.2. Formula 6.2 is the newest batch released in 2020.

Watch this video for a summary of the Quick Fix

The Quick Fix contains 2 ounces (60ml) of the highest quality synthetic urine available.

  • Specific Gravity and PH balanced - Realistic Golden Colour.
  • Contains proteins, amino acids, and creatinine.
  • Contains all characteristics and foams like real human urine.
  • Heat pad and easy to read temperature strip.
  • Safety sealed tamper proof package for your protection.
  • Small, discreet, and easy to use.
  • This kit comes premixed and ready to use...just heat and go.
  • Can be used by male or female.

Complete kit includes;

  • 60mL Quick Fix Formula 6.2 
  • Quick release bottle cap ('pee' cap)
  • 1 x Heat Pad
  • 1 x temperature strip pre-attached to bottle
  • 1 x rubber band
  • detailed instructions for use of urine and heat pack

This product can be reheated and cooled an unlimited number of times within the shelf life of the product (minimum one year from date of purchase)

Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to prepare the Quick Fix