How can I pass a drug test for Weed/Marijuana? March 16 2014


Unfortunately for many, the consequences of small actions can cause dire repercussions. Smoking just once can render your urine positive for THC cannabinoids for up to 7 days depending on your metabolism. Play around with our THC Calculator for a better idea of detection times depending on frequency of use and metabolism.

A positive drug test at your workplace can: cause your to lose your job, be issued a formal warning, be sent home without pay until you can prove you are clean, and is generally an awkward situation which most people want to try an avoid. So can you pass a drug test for marijuana? Depending on the situation… Yes it is possible.

Situation 1: You know you will be tested

Situation 2: Random Drug test

In Situation 1, you know you have a drug test coming up. The best thing you can do is to abstain from ingesting any THC products from the date you become aware you have a test. Depending on how long you have been smoking, THC can be detected over the AS4308 cut off levels of 50ng/ml for up to 2 months. On average the Chronic smoker will be clean after 3 weeks but this time length greatly deviates depending on the individual.

Why abstain? Because the staff at Pass My Drug Test care for your future and not our sales results. More than likely, a pre-planned drug test is usually for a new job pre-medical. There is nothing more stressful than wondering if you passed your drug test. Not having to worry about planning for your drug test will allow you to focus your energy on getting that job.

What do I do if I didn’t abstain or if my test is within the detectable period? Don’t worry, use our THC Calculator to help you choose the appropriate product.

There are a few products which should come up.

  1. Monkey Dong Package with Synthetic Urine / Synthetic urine only if female
  2. Cleansing programs (Varied lengths)
  3. Ultra Mask + Stat! Flush Package
  4. Ultra Mask

The Monkey Dong package is fairly self-explanatory, this would be suggested if you are required to pass the test with high toxicity (THC Cannabinoids). The Monkey Dong Package includes a fake Penis (if you are male) and Synthetic Urine.

The Cleansing programs have been written and designed by the staff at Pass My Drug Test after years of research. These programs include daily supplements and also dietary and exercise tips which will help your body naturally detox the detectable toxins out. The programs also include products to further aid in passing your drug test for the day. The intent of the program is to reduce the toxin concentration over the course of the program so that on the day of the test, your urine should be close to passing (if not already clear). Consuming the test day products will further increase probability of a negative result (passing your drug test).

The Ultra Mask (Also labelled B-Clear) and Stat! Flush are intended to be used for mild toxic levels. For high toxic levels we would always recommend finishing one of our programs prior to use or simply using the Monkey Dong and Synthetic Urine package. This product helps you pass your drug test by a simple dilution method. By consuming this product and following the instructions, effectively you are hydrating your body so that when you need to urinate at the test, your urine sample has become diluted such that your toxin levels actually show less than the actual toxin levels should be.

Can I just drink water before my test and pass instead of using these products? Yes you can, however most tests also test for adulterants. Most commonly colour and specific gravity. By urinating a completely clear liquid and having a very low SG in your sample, questions will more than likely arise. It is entirely possible to consume the right amount of vitamin B, sugars and salts however it’s typically more reliable to use these formulated products (Ultra Mask and Stat! Flush) over anecdotal mixing ratios.


For Situation 2: Random Drug test: You need to evaluate whether smoking marijuana while having a job with RDT (Random Drug Test) is a good idea. If quitting is not an option (marijuana or the job) then this is a difficult situation as you need to prepare with most products prior to your test.

Synthetic Urine is your best bet, as with the short notice of a random drug test you can’t really drink an Ultra Mask in the middle of your workplace. The only thing you need to ensure is that your Synthetic Urine is at or around 37 Degrees Celsius. Portable hand warmers may be a solution however will end being costly over time. Investing in an electric baby food and milk warmer could potentially be a solution for keeping urine around a certain temperature, but it depends on your current workspace and how many questions will be asked about your personal baby food and milk warmer… and no baby.

In summary it’s always best to abstain from any drugs prior to a drug test, but as life is not always perfect there are always options.